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The digital twin with the Mechatronics Concept Designer

The Mechatronics Concept Designer (MCD) is an application that is mainly used for virtual commissioning using a physical model and is ideal for creating digital twins. Our experience shows that the MCD is particularly suitable:

in the field of mechanical engineering / special machine construction
for error and risk avoidance in product development
for high product variance and frequent prototyping
under time pressure in product development and commissioning
for commissioning machines at remote locations
for feasibility and cycle time analyses with physics-based simulation

Advantages of the software

The MCD makes it much easier for sales, design, electrics and software/automation technology to work together. This ensures cross-team efficiency and improved workflows. In addition, the software is easy to learn and use, which facilitates implementation. As the Mechatronics Concept Designer is part of the Siemens NX product group, it harmonizes perfectly with NX and other Siemens solutions, especially with regard to the seamless transfer of design data. The software is available both as a standalone version and as an add-on to NX. Further advantages are:

Simulation already available for sales without the need for the real system to exist
Simulation can be further refined in parallel with engineering until the digital twin can be put into virtual operation
Accelerates the market maturity of machines
Use of mechatronic concepts in the initial phase for feasibility analysis and validation
Customer change requests can be checked during ongoing operation
Integration of robots from leading manufacturers (ABB, Fanuc, Kuka, Stäubli, etc.)
Reachability, collision and cycle time tests with robots possible (in conjunction with the respective virtual robot controllers)
Virtual commissioning of robots through coupling with simulation tools from robot manufacturers (Fanuc Roboguide, ABB Robotstudio, Kuka Office Lite, etc.)
Accelerated real commissioning
Ideal for operator training

Our advantages

Blue Automation has many years of experience as a key user of the Mechatronic Concept Designer. We are a Siemens reseller with extensive implementation experience, especially in the field of digital twins. Our company is the perfect embodiment of the symbiosis of Operation Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT), which is why we are also strongly supported by Siemens in our pioneering role as an official partner of Siemens AG and Siemens Digital Industries. As a “Trusted Advisor”, we focus on the benefits for the customer and always strive for efficient and successful project implementation. We see ourselves first and foremost as engineers and understand the requirements of both mechanical and electrical design, as we offer corresponding engineering services. An intensive examination of alternative software solutions from other providers enables us to make a well-founded assessment of when the use of the MCD offers the greatest advantages.


Scope of the software

Conception/design of machines and systems including: Mechanical design, Electrical design, Automation design
Physics-based simulation
Creation of digital twins to validate machine and automation concepts
Virtual commissioning (VIBN)
Integration of robots possible
Connection of common PLC and robot controllers (HiL / SiL)
Open interfaces to other tools:
Models from NX can be used directly
Electrical engineering can use model data directly to dimension sensors and drives
Automation designers can use cams and sequences from the model for software development
Mechatronics Concept Designer is part of the NX CAD solution in the Siemens portfolio, but is also available as a standalone version

Our offer in relation to the Mechatronic Concept Designer

Needs analysis and consulting
Sale of software licenses (official Siemens reseller)
Creation of digital twins
Creation of digital behavior models of components (FMU / FMI) - see our service offering regarding FMI / FMU
Project implementation
Training courses
Accompanying services from other fields of activity, in particular commissioning, hardware design, PLC programming and robot engineering

Examples / Case studies

Virtual validation of a gripper concept, which saved several weeks of time, as real grippers would each have had a delivery time of 3 weeks
Early detection of an error during the commissioning of robots using a digital twin, which prevented collisions during initial start-up
Development and validation of a standardized PLC program using a digital twin to avoid unpleasant surprises during real commissioning

Application examples from Siemens

Festo: Development of flexible packaging machines for the cosmetics industry
A.G. Stacker: Development of a flexible mechanical engineering concep
Kurtz GmbH: MCD is used to substantially reduce product development iterations
Tronrud Engineering: Shortening the Commissioning Phase with MCD by 20 to 25 Prozent
Willingshofer GmbH: Completing your development goals with MCD
Solu-Tech: improving collaboration between mechanical, electrical and automation engineers and reducing on-site commisioning time
Hochschule Darmstadt: MCD für physics-based Design and Simulation
Kapp Niles: Virtual Commissioning
Burr Oak Tool, Inc.: Virtual Commissioning with NX MCD and PLCSim Advanced
Bausch + Stroebel: Gaining a competitive advantage by using a digital twin

Further links

MCD product description on the manufacturer's website (Siemens Digital Industries)

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