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FMI / FMU - Innovative solutions for the simulation of automation technology

FMI (Functional Mock-up Interface) is an open standard for the interchangeability of models in system simulation. FMU (Functional Mock-up Units) are the files based on this standard that simulate the behaviour of individual components or entire systems. These models are essential for the development and optimisation of digital twins and can be used in various simulators.

Our services in the area of FMU
Blue Automation offers comprehensive services for the creation and integration of FMUs, which can then be used directly in the Siemens Mechatronics Concept Designer (MCD), for example. Our team creates digital behaviour models for:

1. Customer projects: We develop FMUs for the digital modelling and simulation of complete systems.
2. Component manufacturers: We create customised FMUs that manufacturers can make available to their customers to facilitate the integration and use of their products.

Advantages of our FMU services

  • Precision: Highly accurate behavioural models that take all relevant parameters and dynamics into account.
  • Flexibility: Adaptation of FMUs to specific customer requirements and different simulation environments.
  • Integration: Seamless integration of FMUs into existing systems and software solutions.
  • Discretion: FMUs as a black box and therefore know-how protection.
  • Experience: Years of experience with the creation of FMUs and Siemens MCD

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