Tobias Willer
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Do you want the most reliable PLC solutions? We automate your systems and machines to the highest standards.

For your control and visualisation requirements - whether fully or semi-automated - we create individually operable interfaces and powerful software that are specially tailored to programmable logic controllers from all well-known manufacturers. 

The use of modular PLC components, as well as automatic code generation and the use of innovative techniques, make it possible to create a transparent program in a time-saving manner in order to visualise safe and user-friendly processes. We develop component-based hardware and software for a wide range of industrial applications. 

Thanks to our flexibility and dynamism, we can also accept orders at short notice. We support you in the areas where you really need support. The software is created according to the customer's wishes and requirements using the development environments of the leading manufacturers. We offer extensive expertise for Siemens and Rockwell (Allen Bradley), among others. We use our many years of industry expertise to optimally fulfil your individual requirements. We guarantee you the highest level of quality, efficiency, flexibility and safety. Our aim is to get your system up and running without errors and on time. 

PLC modules


Standardisation of the PLC modules 


Human-machine-interface (HMI)


Automatic code generation 



By using modular PLC components and automatic code generation, we can use innovative techniques to create a transparent programme in a time-saving manner. In addition, by testing the writen programme on the digital twin, we are able to save even more time by identifying and eliminating problems at an early stage. The code we develop runs through an automatic code checker to generate high-quality software. 


  • Innovative programming and transparent software
  • Development of hardware and software (almost) simultaneously
  • Implementation of future-proof programme elements
  • Easy to understand and logical software structures