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German business delegation on the topic of "Industry 4.0 - Advanced Manufacturing and Robotics" - Business Symposium in Singapore

The Singaporean-German Chamber of Commerce successfully organised a groundbreaking conference on "Industry 4.0 - Advanced Manufacturing and Robotics" in Singapore. And we from blue automation were there. We would like to thank the entire team of the Chamber of Commerce for the excellent organisation.

The event attracted a high-calibre German business delegation. Experts and executives from various industries shared innovative ideas and best practices in advanced manufacturing and robotics during the conference. The discussions and presentations provided valuable insights into the latest developments and trends in Industry 4.0. In addition to our presentation on the digital twin, the many discussions also gave us the opportunity to deepen our knowledge, make contacts and strengthen future cooperation between German and Singaporean companies.

Special thanks to everyone who attended the conference. We appreciate the opportunity to have been part of this important event and look forward to further co-operation in the future.

Many thanks to the team of the Singaporean-German Chamber of Commerce for their outstanding work and the opportunity to participate in this landmark conference. We are already looking forward to future events and collaborations.